raisE youR voicE
"say what you feel
feel what you want to say"
  • Years ago someone told me, “you always find reasons how to hurt yourself“

    I didn’t believe him then. I thought it was senseless, but now, I think he is right.

  • "Me and my heart we got issues"
  • I’d rather be who I really am, than to pretend like I’m somebody else.  ‘Cause no matter what I do, people will still criticize me the way they want to.

  • "The problem with humans is… they get too attached… easily."
  • Let’s smile and continue to hide the tears… :’)

  • LAAAAAZZZZZYYYY MOrning ~ I want to stay in bed today!! But it’s work day… Only have 40 minutes to prepare… :/

  • Making friends is simple but keeping them is the hardest part. I mean not everyone can understand how weird and complicated I am. Up until now, I can only count the number of friends I had and among them, there’s only 2 that I consider as my best friend. I don’t hate people, I just prefer not being around them that much. But if it’s a situation where I need to be, I try to put up with it.

    When I decided to change company last year, I also had to change that attitude along with it. The fact that you are required to be at the front, there was no other way but to create another me. I was given a choice and I chose to be there in the first place. It was a good decision.

  • Being in love?

    What’s good being in love?

    I really don’t know. If I have to choose, I’d rather not be in love. (Not that I’m in any relationship right now) I’m just basing from experience and love stories of some people I know.

    A girl might lose interest after a year and the guy as well… It will depend on the person. But fact is, st some point in time, those sweet moments where you feel butterflies in your stomach will be gone, sooner that what you might think. What I’m trying to say is that, in love there is no forever.

    That’s the sad truth. We cannot blame anyone for that change of heart. A heart has its mind of its own. Sometimes it falls in love with a different person your mind has imagined. It’s never our choice who to fall in love with. Because if we can, then love-va-land will be a better place.

  • "The first thing that forms in a person’s heart is suspicion", said in a Korean drama. 

    I strongly agree. This suspicion turns into jealousy that poisons the relationship. But what else can we do? Sometimes even though we understand things, we just can’t help but feel that way. Yes! I am jealous!! >_<